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Pico Tech Picoscopes


Since 1991 Pico Technology Limited has been manufacturing award-winning PC-based oscilloscopes that are designed to meet both your budget and technical requirements. From low-cost, entry-level oscilloscopes, to high-precision PC scopes, an oscilloscope from Pico Technology offers the functionality of a traditional digital storage oscilloscope, in a portable and easy-to-use package.

Pico Technology also manufactures data acquisition products that can provide a straightforward answer to your data logging needs. The data loggers require no power supply and simply plug into a USB port on your PC, or an Ethernet port on your PC or network. Every logger is supplied with PicoLog data acquisition software so you can measure, record and analyze your data.

Oscilloscope Series Channels Bandwidth Maximum Sampling Memory Description
PicoScope 2000 Series
1 or 2 (plus 16 digital with MSO) 10–200 MHz 1 GS/s 8 kS to 48 kS Economic range of 8–bit oscilloscopes and mixed signal oscilloscopes (MSO). Includes the PicoScope 2100 range. All models are USB powered and most models include an AWG.
PicoScope 3000 Series
2 or 4 60–200 MHz 1 GS/s 4 MS to 128 MS General purpose 8–bit oscilloscopes that combine fast sampling rates with class–leading deep buffer memories. All models have a built–in function generator and many have AWGs. Combining performance and portability all models are USB powered.
PicoScope 4000 Series
2 or 4 5–100 MHz 250 MS/s 512 kS to 100 MS High resolution oscilloscopes with 12– to 16–bit resolution. Low noise and distortion provide unmatched signal fidelity. All models are USB powered and most include an AWG. Included in this range are models with differential inputs and IEPE interfaces.
PicoScope 5000 Series
2 250 MHz 1 GS/s 32 MS to 128 MS High performance 8–bit oscilloscopes with deep buffer memories. All scopes include built–in AWG. Mains (line) powered.
PicoScope 6000 Series
4 250 MHz–1 GHz 5 GS/s 128 MS to 1 GS The fastest sampling, highest bandwidth and deepest memory of any USB oscilloscope on the market today — need we say more?
PicoScope 9000 Series
2 12 GHz 200 kS/s 4 kS 12 GHz sampling oscilloscopes for measuring high speed signals/eye diagram analysis. Options include 8 GHz optical inputs, TDR, clock recovery and pattern sync triggers.

Data Acquisition
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