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Release 8 Non-Silicone Mold Release


Release 8 is a non-silicone release agent develop specially for transfer and compression moulding where synthetic thermosetting resins such as phenolic, melamine and epoxy are used. Due to dryness it gives to the moulded plastics surface, it has excellent paintability. 

Release 8 is a non-silicone mold release agent developed specially for transfer and compression moulding where synthetic thermosetting resins such as phenolic, melamine and epoxy are used. Release 8 is suitable for plastic moulding which requires minimum transfer of releasing agent onto the moulded parts. Due to its dryness it gives to the molded plastic surface, it has excellent paintability to the molded parts and good rust proofing to the metal moulds. Release 8 does not contain any chlorofluorocarbon and ozone depleting substances. It does not contain trichloroethane CAS No: 71-55-6 and dichloromethane CAS No: 75-09-2. The solvent and propellant used are physiologically safe. Net weight per aerosol spray can is 275 gm.
Typical Physical & Chemical Properties
Specific Gravity (25oC) 0.69
Vapor Pressure 3.8 kg/cm2
Auto Ignition Temperature 357.8oC
Appearance milky wax solution
Evaporation Rate
(diethyl ether=1)
Vapor density (air=1) 2.3
Flammability flammable (refer to MSDS)
Information on Ingredients (CAS No) OSHA PEL-TWA ACGIH TLV-TWA
Carnauba Wax (non-hazardous) 8015-86-9 - -
Oxygenated Hydrocarbon 109-87-5 1000ppm 1000ppm
Liquefied Petroleum Gas 75-28-5 - 1000ppm
Direction of Use
1. Shake can frequently during use to avoid any clogging of valve and to give better wax dispersion in solvent.
2. Hold can far enough from surface to obtain required spray pattern and coverage.
3. Do not over spray but apply evenly and quickly during production.
4. For rust proofing of metal moulds, at end of run while the molds are still hot, spray lightly several times to give adequate coverage.
Do not spray near naked flame or sparks. Protect from heat and do not expose the can to temperature exceeding 40°C. Content under pressure, do not pierce or burn. Use this product in well-ventilated area. Keep out of reach of children.